Niles Starkweather
Niles Starkweather, was born in Vermont, son of Samuel and (----) married Lucy Bullis, daughter of Benjamin B. Bullis and
Rachel Hoyt. Lucy was born 1810, died 25 February 1833. After the passing of his wife Lucy, Niles married Marie Green.

Niles and Lucy had the following child:

Lucy Ann Starkweather was born in Massechusetts 21 February 1833. She married
Zerah Chapin 07 May 1857

Niles and Marie had the following children:

Philander Starkweather born January 1835 died 27 Nov. 1915
Sarah Starkweather born 1848
Orson Starkweather born 1851

Niles kept a tavern between Buffalo and Falcondale (Falconer?) New York
December 18, 1832: Erie County Clerks record of deeds, 45:205 Thomas Ogden and Martha his wife of New York City
sold property to Niles Starkweather of Otto, Cattaraugus County, NY town of Elma, Lot 30, T10 R6, 103 acres, $566.50

February 24, 1925: Erie County Clerks record of deeds, 28:194 Horace Griffin of Buffalo sold property to Abram
Sprague, Niles Starkweather and David Shearman of town of Hamburg, Buffalo outer Lot #34, SW corner of W. Canal
and Swan Sts, 131' on Swan x 198' deep with 50'x50' exclusion for a school lot in the SE corner of the lot bordering W.
Canal St., $1300.

October 12, 1835: Erie Co., Clerks record of deeds, 30:350 Niles Starkweather of Hamburg sold property to David
Shearman of Harmony, Chautaugua County, NY, Buffalo outer Lot #34, W. Canal Swans Sts. (Property above) $200

June 22, 1837: Ibid 44:392 Niles Starkweather of town of Aurora and Maria his wife sold property to William Jones of
Hamburg, Buffalo Creek Reservation, Lot 30 T10 R6 103 acres, $2000 (same property Niles purchased December 18,

1850 census, Hamburg $47 enu., evid. res. on Jewett-Holmwood Rd., near Transit Rd., Niles, a farmer, 2nd wife and
children, Philander and Sarah, own real estate valued at $1400