Zerah Chapin married Lucy Starkweather
May 7, 1857
Zerah Chapin was born July 14, 1825 in Hampden County,Chicapee, Massachusetts, and died November 20, 1889 in Farragut,
Fremont County, Iowa  He married Elizabeth Burnett November 04, 1851, daughter of Enoch Burnett and Sophia Chapin.  She
was born November 29, 1824 in Hampshire Co., Belchertown, Massachusetts, and died May 16, 1856 in Wethersfield, Henry
County, Illinois.  He married Lucy Starkweather May 07, 1857 in Henry County, Illinois, daughter of Niles Starkweather and
Lucy Bullis.  She was born February 01, 1833 in Massachusetts, and died July 28, 1888 in Farragut, Iowa.

Zerah Chapin moved to Wethersfield (Kewannee), Henry Co., IL sometime between September 20, 1853, when his eldest child
Edward B. was born and August 12, 1855 when his second child Elizabeth S. was born. Zerah remained in Henry Co., IL until
1872 when he moved to Farragut, Fremont Co., IA. Gilbert Warren Chapin's compilation "The Chapin Book" only contains the
first three children of Zerah's by his second wife, Lucy Starkweather. The names and data for the remaining children are from
a typewritten manuscript provided by Carroll D. Chapin, Zerah's grandson.

Zerah and Elizabeth had the following children:

Edward B. Chapin b. September 20, 1853, Hampshire Co., Belchertown, Massachusetts; d. October 09, 1959, Hampshire Co.,
Belchertown, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth S. Chapin b. August 12, 1855, Hampshire Co., Belchertown, Massachusetts; d. June 18, 1942, Pomona, Los Angeles
County, California; married Charles B. Hyde April 30, 1902; d. July 02, 1929.

The 1860 census of Henry Co., IL gives Elizabeth's place of birth as Connecticut and the 1870 census as Illinois.

Zerah and Lucy had the following children:

Loomis Eaton Chapin, b. May 07, 1858, Weathersfield, Illinois (Now Kewanee); d. June 18, 1915, Aultman Hospital, Stark
County, Ohio.

Lottie C. Chapin, b. October 18, 1859, Wethersfield, Henry County, Illinois; d. January 04, 1860, Henry County, Illinois.

Clarence E. Chapin, b. July 11, 1861, Wethersfield, Henry County, Illinois; d. October 14, 1901. (1) Married Susan L. Ebner
born 1865 died March 1890 in Lucas County, Toledo, Ohio. (2) Married Ellen Buck.

Adolphe Carroll Chapin, b. May 14, 1865; d. February 02, 1945