Robert Starkweather Genealogy

1. Robert Starkweather was born in Wales, Scotland on the Isle of Man in 1610. He died in November 1674 in Ipswich,  Massachusettes. He married Jennett
Roberts born 1612 in Roxbury. She died date Unknown.

John Starkweather was born 2 August 1646 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts, the son of Robert and Jeannette [Roberts] Starkweather. He was baptized
there 2 August 1646. John married Ann [--] in 1680-- who is said by a most improbable tradition to be a descendant of the old Narragansett, King Philip. She died in
Preston, Connecticut in 1727. John died 21 August 1703 in Preston, Connecticut. Their early married life was spent in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

John Starkweather was born on 16 September 1680 in Ipswich, Massachusettes. He died in 1750

Samuel Starkweather I was born on 23 March 1719 in Stonington, Connecticut. He died 1786. He married Sarah Purple 29 July 1747 daughter of Richard and
Hannah [Spencer] Purple. She died & Preston, Connecticut 26 March 1783.

Samuel Starkweather was born on 22 April 1750 in Preston, Connecticut. He died in 1815.

Samuel Starkweather was born in 1778 in Stonington, Connecticut. He married Mary Capron (born), died 16 October 1818. He died date 05 October 1844 in
Cooperstown, Otsego, New York, USA.

Niles Starkweather was born in 1804 in Vermont. He died on 21 December 1879. He married Lucy Bullis. She was born between 1801-1810. She died 25 Feb
1833 Orchard Park, Erie, New York. He married Maria Green. She was born in Renssalear County, NY. She died on 15 May 1874.

Lucy Ann Starkweather was born on 21 Feb 1833 in Massachusetts. She died on 28 July 1888 in Farragut, Iowa. She married Zerah Chapin, son of Julius
Chapin and Persis Chapin on 07 May 1857 in Henry County, Illinois. He was born on 14 July 1825 in Hampden County, Chicapee, Massachusetts. He died on 20
November 1889 in Farragut, Fremont County, Iowa.

Loomis Eaton Chapin was born on 07 May 1858 in Weathersfield, Illinois (now Kewanee). He died on 18 June 1915 in Aultman Hospital, Stark County, Ohio
(Perforation of th estomach, Cancer of Pylorus). He married Elizabeth Jane Hadley, daughter of
Edwin Vincent Hadley and Nancy Halsey Wines on 13 October
1886 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, by W. H.Ryder, Pastor. She was born on 15 July 1862 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She died on 05 June 1936 in Mercy Hospital, Stark
County, Ohio (Accident: shock, chest crushed, & fractured nose).  

Elizabeth Loomis Chapin was born on 05 January 1892 in Canton, Stark County, Ohio. She died on 28 June 1947 in Magnolia, Stark County, Ohio
(Carcinoma, Ascending Colon and liver). She married
Richard Cable Greer, son of Clarence Samuel Greer and Margaret Myrtle Cable on 01 July 1928 in
Canton, Ohio at Elizabeth's home at 1353 Woodland Ave., N.W., by Rev. C. A. Portz. He was born on 08 March 1892 in Magnolia, Stark County, Ohio. He died on 22
July 1969 in his home, Magnolia, Carroll Country, Ohio.

David Chapin Greer was born on 15 June 1934 in Aultman Hospital, Stark County, Canton, Ohio. He died on 23 March 2006 in his home at 3224 Irish Rd NW,
Magnolia, Ohio. He married Nancy French, daughter of
Charles Samuel French and Miriam Marie Pattinson on 03 November 1960 in Alameda, California.

Shana Marie Greer