Will of Robert Starkweather
(The “Little Neck” is said to be common land, never sold to any one; the proceeds of its use are now applied to the support of the town schools.)

“Att a meeting of the Selectmen the 21th of December 1674. The Selectmen granted liberty to Decon Pengry concerning the Little Neck & Perrins house the like liberty that Robert Starkweather had for
seven yeare the administratix having assigned it over to him.”

In Essex County Probate at Salem, Mass., there is on file “An Inventory of the goods of Robert Starkweather taken novembar 1674.

The House And barne and fensing to it 12-0-0
In Corne  3-0-0
In Hemp 02-10-0
Thre Lods of Haye 01-8-0
In swine  02-5-0
Thre sheepe 01-0-0
A.Cheest. and. the linen in it 03-0-0
And all His Weering close 04-17-8
A: pere of Shoose 00-04-0
A: Beed and all the things belong to it 07-00-0
A . Beed and and all the things to it 3-00-0
A sword And beelt  01-00-0
In Brass and puetter 00-15-0
And all other Housol stoff  03-13-0
Two bushels of  Hem: p: seed  00-8-0
His toouls about His tread  00-12-0
A: Hachell  00-10-0
4 Beed: cords  00-12-0
A plou and A sise 00-14-0
Two yockes and Beetell rings 00-05-6
A: sadell

Edward Brag
Sargen perkins
Nathaniell Tredwell
Prised the A: bouf
Said goods

Deets. That Robord Starckwether: osse:

To Mr kimbole of Boston     01-0-9
To Mr Wainright                 1-5-7 ½
To Edward Brad sjt ond twent pond 28-5-0
To Thomas knolten sene  00-8-0
To Benedick polsefor 00-10-0
To Edward Brag 01-07-0
To Sargeen perkins  00-05-0
To Mr. Ellsen of Charls tound  03-0-0
To Isack purkinse 00-12-0
To good man broges 00-11-0
To jems kinge 00-14-
To Mr goodhou 00-08
To Nathaniell pipor   00-03
To Thomas knolten inner   00-
To sargen Clarck   00

This inventory is endorsed on the back as follows:
“Jennett Starkweather Administratrix & this Inventory vpon oath to be a full & true Inventory of the estate of her late Husband Robert Starkweather in court held @ Ipswick the 4th of 9 bar 1674. As
attest Robert Lord cleric.”

(This inventory is all there is in Essex Probate concerning any Starkweather. There is no other record whatsoever, not even as to when administration was granted to the widow, Jenet Starkweather)

The following record is the only one extant of any land in America ever owned by Robert Starkweather:
“Know all men by theise presents that I, Robert Starkweather of Ipswich: In New England husbandmen for a certjne valuable Consideration by me in hand Receaved before the delivery hereof have Given
Graunted bargained and sould and by these presents doe Bargaine Sell Give Graunt enfoeffe & confirm vnto willjan Healy of Roxbury husbandmen one swelling house scittuate andbeing in the sajd
Roxbury and in the tenure and occupation of him the sajd Willjam together with a garden and orchard therevnto belonging Contayning more or lesse halfe an acre bounded by Capt Prichards yard
eastward west & north by the garden of him the sajd willjam Healy and South by the street y goes by the old mill howse all which dwelling howse orchard and garden being lately given and graunted to
me by my father John Roberts I doe hereby ffully freely and effectualy make ouer & Confirme to the sajd Willjam Healty to be to him the sajd Wm Healy his heires and Assignes foreuer to hi and their
owne proper vse and vses together with all and singular the Appurtenances and priveledges therevnto belonging with warranties against all person or persons laying Clajme to the same by any pretence of
any title or interest in the same from by or Under me or by any meanes of mine. In witness whereof I the said Robert Starkweather have here vnto sett my hand & seale this 18 day of December 1651.
The marke of Robert Starkweather & a seale.
Sealed & delivered in the presence
of Daniell Brewr Jn Tincher
Increase Nowell
acknowledged the 18 10th month 1651
Entered & recorded 31 March 1652 & Edward Rawson Recorder
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A brief genealogical history of Robert Starkweather of Roxbury and Ipswich, Massachusetts : who was the original American ancestor of all those bearing the name of Starkweather, and of his son, John
Starkweather, of Ipswich, Mass. and Preston, Conn., and of his descendants in various lines, 1640-1898 (1904)

Author: Starkweather, Carlton Lee, 1864-
Subject: Starkweather, Robert, d. 1674?; Starkweather, John, d. 1703; Starkweather family
Publisher: [Auburn, N.Y. : Press of Knapp, Peck & Thomson]
Language: English
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