Nancy F. Greer, 74, of Bolivar passed away Thursday, March 17, 2016 at The Bolivar Hennis Care Center Hatties House
following a brief illness. Nancy was born December 4, 1941 in Canton to the late Charles and Miriam (Pattinson) French
and spent her childhood years traveling the United States with her parents until settling in Oakland, CA where she
graduated in 1959 from Fremont High. Mom loved the water and excelled in synchronized swimming and water skiing.
She loved to dance and we would often find her dancing when she thought no one was watching. Mom loved gardening
and china painting and would spend hours honing her crafts in each. Mom retired in 2007 from the Dental School at Ohio
State University.

She met David Greer of Magnolia in 1960 and after a two week courtship married and shared 25 years and four children
together. She is loved and will be missed by her four children, eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren: Shawn
(Kathleen) Greer of Magnolia; Lauren and Chapin and Santanna (Chris) Pelfrey of East Sparta: Bionca, Ariana and
Christopher. Elizabeth (Keith) Stephenson of Florida: Lauren and Aiden; Shana Greer of Colorado: Erik (Brittany) Greer:
Parker and Ryker. Erik (Kathleen) Greer of Akron: Catherine and Christiana.

She is preceded in death by (former spouse) David, parents Miriam and Charles French, brother and sister-in-law, John
and Kathleen Greer and brother-in-law Dean Lauritzen. Aunts Elvira (Albert) Sorg, Eleanor (Skip) Ames and Marjorie
(Robert) Snyder, Uncles Shirley (Pat), Jim (Hazel) and Jack (Margarite) French.

She is survived by her sister Jeanie of California, sister-in-law Jane Lauritzen, cousins Keith (Nancy) of Ohio and Skip
(Donna) Ames of Alabama, Joy (Hal) Shelton of Michigan, Steven (Pattie) French of Dover, Susan (Jeff) Oberreither of
Missouri. Many nieces, nephews and cousins.

She was Presbyterian by faith and as were her wishes, there will be no service. Cremation has taken place.

Shana's Note:
My mom is my Princess Grace, my Princess Di - she will forever be the most beautiful woman in the world - I thought I
would share a ‘lil’ of her heart.

She went from Cali girl to small town country wife and mother of four. She married a banker but his love was the farm -
and in turn, we all became her loves.

We had three TV stations and an antenna that took five minutes to dial into each - if we were lucky! We did not watch
much, Sunday Wild Kingdom and Walt Disney were the only ones permitted, occasionally PBS through the week, yet I
think, that only came in when it stormed. Our playground was the country outside the walls of home. We had chores - lots
of them - and our payment was 'work ethic' not money. She'd slip on her boots and slop through to feed the hogs or
scoop chicken poop with us (lol) Nothing was beneath her - yet in my vision, she was a graceful beauty.

Mom made all my jumpers, dresses, pants, shirts, she did it all. She played beauty parlor - even though - I wanted worms,
fishing, baling hay and tractors! I didn't care what color makeup looked best or how my hair styled. I wanted dirt. (Haha, I
am still that way) She still tried her best though!! She danced (even when she thought I didn't see), and when dad was
busy working at the bank or out farming she hopped that tractor and mowed for hours and still had dinner ready - and
there was no eating anywhere else but at the table: as a family. Oh NO! If one of us was pitchin’ a fit, we sat there come
hell or high water!

Every summer she put in the most amazing garden and I would stand beside her in the summer kitchen and she would
teach me to can, to bake, to cook. I can still smell the dill and bread/butter pickles, the sweet corn, fresh veggies and
jams/jellies she prepared for the winter. Dad built a wall of shelves for her ‘canned goods' and I DO remember her smile
that day!

Sundae Sundays: she would ready us for bed and dad would drive us all out the old country road to the custard stand.
Those were THE best ever ice creams! However, she had another treat she seldom ever allowed but when she did, they
were the best ever s'prize - root beer floats. As an adult I get now why we didn't have them often...but why would she
punish herself by intentionally sugaring up four kids - because I know she loved the joy she saw in our tiny faces when
she handed them out.

In honor of my mother today – we indulged in root beer floats. To top that, I used the spoons she used over 35 years ago
to treat us to our sugar highs of love! Yes, I am sappy that way - yet – she saved the spoons for me too! I love you Mom!
Nancy French Greer
December 4, 1941 - March 17, 2016