John Starkweather II
John Starkweather the third child of John and Ann [ ] Starkweather, was born in Ipswich, Mass., 16 Sept., 1680; was m. in
Preston, Conn., by the Rev. Salmon Treat, the pastor there, 28 Dec, 1708, to Mary Herrick, dau. of Ephraim and Judith
Herrick. His wife was admitted to the church in the South Society of Stonington 4 July, 17 14. He was admitted to the church
in the North Society of Preston 11 Nov., 1720; and the records of this latter church show "4 Nov. 1762 among ye names of
ye members of ye church when ye Revrd Mr Levi Hart settled with us," " ye Wd Mary Starkweather." He d. in 1750; and his
wife d. 16 Jan'y, 1786, in Preston aged 96 years (according to the church record). John Starkweather is said to have been
thrown from a horse in Roxbury street while on a visit there; or, according to another tradition, while taking a drove of cattle
to Boston; and to have died there shortly afterwards. There is in the Roxbury, Mass., burial-ground a gravestone, whether a
headstone or a foot-stone could not be determined, though probably the latter, inscribed as follows:
" MR John

Nothing else than this is cut on the stone, not even the year-date. A doubtful family-tradition states that the grave of Robert
Starkweather, the original emigrant, is near this grave.

The former is always called "John Starkweather of Stonington" in the records of the Preston church, where he attended
worship; for the reason that his lands lay within, as those of his father probably lay just across, that re-entrant angle which
forms the southern boundary of the town of Preston—the so-called N. W. corner of Stonington. This section we are inclined
to think was the hive of the Starkweathers. The following deed is in evidence:—" Mr. James Noyes minister of the Gospell in
Stonington" sells 21 Apr., 1705, to Timothy and John Starkweather of Stonington for "£20 in silver money" one hundred
acres of "Land scituate & Lying in ye bounds of Stonington towards the north-West Corner of Said Towne bounds, on the
East by Land formerly Layd out to Cap John Stanton," etc.