Family History Books
"Stephen was just an ordinary man, with a wife, three sons, seven
daughters, a small house, some farmland for his corn, and cows
named Motley, Sympkins, Curled, and Red. These are the
extraordinary adventures of an ordinary man."
A heart warming tribute!
Most poignant story about courage, faith and honor and love for her daughter!
Persis Oberreither
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Here Shall I Die Ashore
Pinky Swear
"This riveting historical narrative describes how the 150 castaways were seduced
by the island’s unexpected pleasures for almost a year and were later riven by
mutinies when ordered to continue on to Virginia. Ultimately they built boats with
their own hands and arrived safely in Jamestown to face the daunting task of
rebuilding America’s first permanent colony."
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The Shipwreck that Saved Jamestown
By Almon Bruce French
Reproduction of Almon's lectures 1881-1888
Read his dedication
Gleanings From the Rostrum