Benjamin Franklin Elson
1855 - 1926
Benjamin Franklin Elson was born on 15 Feb 1855 in Ohio. He died on 02 Jun 1926 in Stark,Ohio (Meningitis). He married Margaret Olive
. She was born about 1859 in Ohio.She died on 23 Feb 1931 in Stark, Ohio.

Benjamin Franklin Elson and Margaret Olive Sickafoose had the following children:

Vinnie Irons Elson was born on 04 Jan 1881 in Sandy Township, Stark, Ohio. She died on 05 Jan 1933. She married George Emery Sickafoose in
1916 in Ohio, WestVirginia, United States.

Edwin Perry Elson was born on 11 Apr 1882 in Waynesburg, Ohio, USA. He died on 05 May 1974 in Waynesburg, Stark, Ohio, USA. He married
Grace M. Miller in 1906. She was born about 1887 in Ohio. She died on 05 Aug 1973 in buried Sandy Valley Cemetery, Magnolia, OH.

Ruth Olive Elson was born in 1884. She died in 1979.
Ruth Olive and Edwin Perry