I started researching genealogy in the Summer of 2000. I knew that once I started, it would become my obsession to find out every detail
about family members that I had never met and those that still grace life. It was not a date of birth or death, or a stone with their name
that I was looking for, (as I am sure most researchersdon't view it that way). It was about who they were, how they lived and who they

Not only did I find that my family was very respected by their towns people throughout their lives, but their lives were blessed during
times that no one today could imagine living in. I did not know the power of their living until I read and heard their stories.  One story was
written in a letter to my 2nd great-grandfather
William from his brother John in which he describes in detail the days before and the time
of his wife's passing.  The ache in his soul is evident in that letter and it is heart wrenching to read.

I found myself understanding how generations before me lived, loved and lost.  Not all have grand stories, some have heart-wrenching
losses, but through all of their lives, they prospered. They never lost faith. They lived well and loved much.

My research has became a deep spiritual journey and gateway to those that have passed. Without having been present in my life they have
made their mark on me and it will last throughout my lifetime. I can only keep their memory alive through their stories and their photos.

Every life has a purpose. Every breath is a gift we should cherish. Every person has a story that should be shared. No matter if a pauper
or a president, in some way, our lives have meaning and should be remembered.
The information contained in this site was gathered from shared and/or researched information, public records, family bibles, facts and
stories carried down through family members. All photos are property of Shana Greer unless where noted that they have been used with
permission and/or provided by others. Sources have been noted and links provided. Any of this information may contain inaccuracies and
should not be used for publication. If you find errors in the information or broken links contained in this site and/or would like to share
information with me, please
email me. Please request  permission to use any of the photos. Thank you
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A heart warming tribute!
Most poignant story about courage, faith and honor
~ most especially ~ love for her daughter!
Persis Oberreither
Halsey Family
Halsey House
Southhampton, New York
Golden Parsonage
Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire
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